Frequently Asked Questions

Do you subcontract the work to other companies?

No. All projects are done by Roof Masters employees and are by no circumstances subbed to outside companies (Crews are between 5 and 8 men).

After I sign a contract how long before work will begin?

Generally, work is schedule to begin 2-3 weeks from signing of contract. However a long period of delay will delay start time. Once work begins we will remain on your home until completion.

How long will it take to complete my home?

The average home takes 1 or 2 days although a larger home with lots of architectural design could take up to 2 week.

When are the roofing materials delivered and will they block access to my driveway or garage?

Generally, we schedule the materials to be delivered by our suppliers two days before your planned roofing date. In most cases, the materials will be loaded as close to home as possible off to one side of driveway, allowing you unimpeded access to your parking area.

We do request that you keep the driveway area clear of vehicles on the day your delivery is schedules unless someone will be home to move the vehicles when the supplier arrives.

Do I need to be home while the work is in progress?

No. In fact many customers prefer not to be home when the hammering starts! We do not need access inside the home providing there is an outside electrical outlet we can use in the case of bad wood or if you have chosen the option of a ridge vent system.

However, if we have noted the possibility of damaged plywood, some homeowners like to be home to inspect the decking and assist in making the decision of how much decking to replace in case of cosmetic consideration.

Will there be any accumulated dust or debris in my attic area?

Yes. In all roofing job some of the fine grit will fall between the cracks of the plywood or plank board decking. In case where a ridge vent system is installed, sawdust will fall into the attic. We suggest removing or covering any item stored in the attic space if dust or debris accumulation is a concern.

Will the old shingles mark up my siding?

No. Roof Masters completely covers sidings and landscaping so there is no damage to property.

Do I need to protect items inside my house from possible damage?

Yes. On all roofing job there is degree of vibration which comes down through the framework of the home. While it is not necessary to panic, it is recommended you safeguard fragile items such as glass globes on chandeliers, pictures which are not securely mounted to the wall or the “old family heirloom” on the mantel.

Items in the kitchen cabinets should not be affected, nor should there be a need to empty the china cabinet. If in doubt, take a few minutes to protect any non-replaceable items.

My Children Play in The Yard. Will Discarded Nails Be a Safety Concern?

What often separates roofing companies is the quality of the site cleanup at the end of a job.
Roof Masters removes all roofing debris, cleans out the gutter system and does a thorough cleaning of the ground and the landscaping. Included in this is the use of a magnet to pick up any nails that have reached the ground level. The perimeter of the home including lawn, landscape areas, driveway and support vehicle parking area should be included in the search for nails.

If I have any problems with my roof how long will it take for someone to come to my home?

Although problem with roof systems are very occasionally faulty flashing on a skylight or chimney or even the architectural design of a home can cause unforeseen problem. These warranty issues are dealt with promptly and are usually taken care of within a couple of days, however any heavy leaking would take priority and would be looked at within 24 hours.

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