You can visit the historic Portland Observatory in Portland, Maine, if you are looking for a great place to take a look at the skyline. This 86-foot tower was built in 1807 by a sea captain who used it to warn merchants of ships approaching the port. During the early days of the telegraph, ships were too far away to see until they were almost in the harbor. Today, the tower serves as a museum and is a great place to learn about the town’s past. It is located at 138 Congress St, Portland, ME 04101.

The history of the observatory dates back to the Revolutionary War. Captain Lemuel Moody was eight years old when the war started. He worked as a water boy with Captains John Reed and Joseph Pride. He went on to become a sea captain after the war. When the observatory was first built, it was a part of the Province of Massachusetts. In 1820, it was one of the fastest-growing ports in the fledgling United States.

The Observatory was operated by the Moody family until 1923. However, it was soon rendered obsolete by the advent of two-way radio communication. In 1937, Moody’s grandson, Edward, donated it to the City of Portland. In 1939, the observatory underwent a major restoration, funded by a Works Progress Administration grant as part of President Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal program. In the process, the observatory was stained dark brown and the tower was restored.

Eventually, the Portland Tower building was turned over to the city and refurbished with a Works Progress Administration grant. The tower remained mostly inactive for the rest of the 20th century, but it did become a popular playground for children in the area. In 1984, the nonprofit organization Greater Portland Landmarks purchased the building and reopened it for public tours. In the late 1990s, the tower was damaged by beetles and suffered significant moisture damage. This led to a major renovation campaign between 1998 and 2000.

The Portland Observatory is a beautiful landmark located in the East End of Portland, Maine. The observatory is handicapped-accessible and open to the public from Memorial Day weekend to Columbus Day. The building has no restrooms, so you must purchase a ticket ahead of time. In addition to the observatory, there are the Portland Landmarks. This beautiful landmark is an excellent place to get out and enjoy the sights. You can enjoy a variety of events at the observatory.

The seven-story Moody Tower is 86 feet high, with a diameter of fifteen feet at the observation deck. Built by shipwrights for Captain Moody, the tower is 32 feet wide at the bottom and eight feet wide at the top. The Observatory is surrounded by an information panel installed by Greater Portland Landmarks. Moody also wanted to see the harbor from the top. The tower has eight massive white pine posts that are 65 feet four inches high. The timbers cost $12 each and were shipped from Windham to Casco Bay to build the tower.