When my grandfather started roofing in 1951, his philosophy of business was grounded in the highest standards and “old time” values: honesty, integrity and pride. This was a time when these core values where the backbone of America. He knew that a good reputation was much harder to gain than a bad one and the respect and trust of his customers must be earned and re-earned every day.

So what makes a good warranty? Well first examine the coverage itself, most problems that occur are from poor installation and not material defects and most product warranty will not cover problems caused poor or improper installation.

So look for a company that covers not only the product but has a good workmanship warranty. This is true at Roof Masters we have you covered for any problem that arise from installation.

Next consider who is covering your warranty, is it a company that financially can repair any problem that may arise, or will they be in business five, ten or even twenty years from now.

Finally, consider the length of the warranty our work is guaranteed up to the life of the materials and our product warranty range from twenty- five years up to a lifetime.

When it comes to warranty coverage no one offers more than Roof Masters, because on your new roofing project we are here for you before, during, and throughout your lifetime warranty.

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